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SMS Remote Support Download File
SMS Remote Support



SMS Terminal Interface

The SMS Terminal Interface is a type of HUB that can connected directly to the Touch Screen Terminal on a COM port. When using the SMS Terminal Interface any type of SMS equipment can be connected such as printers by using a multi interface parallel or a Epson printer interface, connection to another system such as dispenser, credit card or hotel system by using a multi interface serial or connection to a credit card reader, cash drawer or to a SMS customer display.

If a printer is connected to a touch-terminal, this is shown in the list of printers displayed from the POS screen. In the column connection it will be written SMS Touch terminal 4-2 . The 2 is the physical address of the printer. (dip-switch setting). This is the same for communication interfaces. NOTICE: The physical address of the devices connected to the Touch Terminal is 1,2 or 3.
Customer display will always be given address 1. The address will be calculated by the manager program. Both 2 and 8 line customer display can be connected directly to the Terminal Interface. Orders with price 0, cl-input and weight-input will be shown in the customer display.

SMSCardMessage.log is a new log-file that contains error messages from the Terminal Interface.

Tested connections:
  • Parallel printers (Epson)
  • SMS new customer display
  • Scanner
  • Scale
  • Logistix/mods hotel protocol
A power supply must be added to the SMS Terminal Interface.

Technical specifications:
Size:21,5x33x4,7 cm
Weight: 650 gram
Colour: Black
Connection: COM port on the Touch Screen Terminal
Voltage: 5-24V/1,5A power supply (Mascot model 8717
Containing: 3 ports for printer, interfaces abd customer display
1 port for credit card reader
1 port for cash drawer