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SMS Remote Support Download File
SMS Remote Support



SMS Network Controller

The SMS Network Controller is the connection between the POS (Point of Sale) computer and the RMS network. The SMS Network Controller has two main tasks; to convert the RS-232 signals to the SMS net signals and vice versa and to supply the network with 12V DC. The SMS Network Controller deliver maximum 1 Amp to the RMS network.

The SMS Network Controller can be configured together with a single, double or mixed RMS network. Smaller systems use single RMS network. The double RMS network is used when it is natural to let the cables run in different departments, and the mixed RMS network is used when the peripherals are located in the same area or when it is difficult to make a double network with the same amount of traffic on each net.

Technical specifications:
Size:235x133x46 mm
Colour: Black
Weight: 1230 gram
Connection: COM1/COM2 and RMS-net
Voltage: 220 v