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SMS Remote Support



SMS Debit Card Machine

General Notes
Notemate (SMS Debit Card Machine) is a type of communication used by the guests to increase the amount of cash available on their customer cards (Debit cards) instead of using the function Update Debit Card.

(Type 13)

Can only be used in POS3001. Default / recommended values as follows:
(1) Time between polling: 30
(2) Timeout before retransm.:10
(3) Max. no. of retransm.:0
(4) Baudrate:9600
(5) No. of databits: 8
(6) No. of stopbits:1
(7) Parity :None

(1) This is the time given to the user to find and insert a note before a warning message is given.

(2) If POS or the SMS Automate has not answered within this time, an error message is given or a retransmission is made depending on the next parameter. 10 seconds is the recommended value.

(3) This parameter tells how many times a package is retransmitted if it is not ACK-ed. Recommended value 0 or 1.

Time-out before retransmission and Max number of retransmission is used by POS and the SMS Debit Card Machine.

1.)Department number must be given. All transactions from the machine will be linked to this department. If the department settlement shall be printed when POS is ended, the department must be linked to a menu
Notice: The department-name will be printed as a heading on the Automate-receipt.

2.)Employee number must be given. It is not necessary to log in the employee to use the Automate. All transactions from the automate will be linked to this employee. If you for any reason, want to correct a transaction from an automate when POS is running, it can be done by logging in this employee and use the MF27-function.
Notice: The name of this employee will be used as a contact person in messages to the user if something is wrong with the automate.

3.)Card type, tells how the card is coded, see the card type register

4.)Amount on note, these 4 fields tell how the cash-reader is coded. It is important that the amounts match the notes coded. In this example note 1 is 50,- NOK, note 2 100 NOK, note 3 is 200 NOK and note 4 is 500 NOK. If these parameters do not match whatís coded in the cash automate, the value of the transaction is calculated wrong and the card is wrong updated.

Coding of Card, Standards.
The card reader reads card coded after ISO 7811 standard

Track 1 (IATA), Max 79 characters.
Start character %
End character ?
Delimiter ^

Track 2 (ABA) Max 40 characters.
Start character B
End character F
Delimiter D
Max digits in card number: 9 (POS -standard)