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SMS Remote Support



Rio Vending Interface

You may connect our terminals to a vending machine by using a Rio vending interface..

It's an interface between the SMS system and the Abra vending machines. The customers can then use their customer cards to buy soft drinks, chocolate etc. from the vending machines.

When the customer card is wiped on the card reader at the vending machine the information read from the card is transferred for validation
The sales is transferred from the vending machine and updated on the department and employee number registered on the communication device in System Data. The sales are treated as normal sales and is automatically settled on Settlement type 11 Automatic Customer Cards.

A menu choice number can be transferred from the Abra vending machine and the sales will be updated on this menu choice if it exists in the menu. If not, the sales will be updated on the menu choice defined on the communication device.

More information about the Rio Vending Interface