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SMS Remote Support



SMS Development & Support AS (SMS) has developed interfaces to the following software packages/products:

Hotel System: Lodgistix, HIS, Fidelity, Fidelio, Protel, Mods, Datapro, AK Techhotel AS + andre som benytter Lodgistix - protokollen
Dispenser System: WMF-Hogatron, Valla, Bartop, Berg Horeca, Gruber Schank WMF, Bevtec, Silvator, Hartek
Credit Card System: SpectraCard3, 3C-4000,3C-7000,SpectraCard, Genidata3, Eftpos, Steria(Elite), PosPay, Sofie(Banjo), SteriaPay
Smart Card/Wireless Reader: Mondex, ProxPro Wireless Card Reader (HID), MF700, Messerschmitt
Vending Machine: Rio
Mobile Phone Payment: MobileAxept
Scale: Mettler Viper
Scanner: Metrologic Orbit
Table Reservation-System: Respak, Loghos, 2Book
Accounting/Pay Roll System: Ecolink, System 36, Scala, Janner, Hogia Aart, Vita, Agresso, DN House, Vita, Huldt & Lillevik
WaiterKey Reader: JarlTech Button Key Reader