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IBM SurePOS 500

IBM SurePOS 500

The Touch Screen Terminal can be used in any type of business in the hospitality industry and is applicable to all catering establishments from coffee shops and fast food outlets to gourmet restaurants and canteens. The Touch Screen Terminal replaces the traditional cash register and is used to place orders, transfer them to the kitchen or bar, and to settle guest checks.

A standard PC network or a wireless pc network is being used to communicate with the RmsPos program.
  1. Any brand of colour touch screen terminal can be used with or without a built in PC running Windows2000/XP.

  2. Combined numeric keyboard and SMS special keyboard in the SMS Touch Software.

  3. Can work stand-alone or as a terminal connected to the PC network.

  • Mouse

  • Normal keyboard

  • PC-network

  • Cash drawer

  • Customer display

  • Credit Card reader

  • Scanner

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